Leather desk pad. Large 32" x 22" - made to order

Leather desk pad. Large 32" x 22" - made to order

Be Advised, this is a built to order item and will be ready for shipment in 3-4 weeks.


This full grain leather desk pad makes a statement in your office. The joys of working in an office come with multiple sensory experiences: fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and someone cooking fish in the community microwave. Improve your office and create your own sensory experiences with a full grain leather desk pad. 

Made out of 100% full grain leather these desk pads are made entirely by hand and feature a thin neoprene lining and soft buffed leather backing. They are completely hand stitched and feature hand peened copper rivets. 

This custom product can be made with your choice of leather, suede, and thread colors. 

This is the larger of the two sizes

Large is 32" x 22"

All products including leather, thread, and even the rivets are made here in the USA and the deskpad is fully cut by hand, assembled by hand, and stitched by hand by me in Vermont.

Please note: Leather is a natural product and variations exist. The hide chosen for your desk may feature bug bites, scars, marks, and brands. This does not impact the quality of the leather in any way although it does give it character. IF YOU WANT A PRISTINE HIDE PLEASE NOTE THAT ON YOUR ORDER