Limited Edition Russet Desk Pad

Limited Edition Russet Desk Pad

Limited edition desk pads made from Wickett and Craig Russet Skirting Leather. These desk pads are made from a single layer of thick American full grain vegetable tanned leather. No padding, no stitching, no suede, just good ‘ol thick leather. 


I picked up a side of Russet Skirting and wanted to do something special with it. It’s almost twice as thick as I normally use for desk pads and it’s pretty firm stuff. So it hit me that maybe I should do a limited run of single layer thick desk pads. I was able to cut three large desk pads and one small desk pad from the side, which is a really good yield. I cut each desk pad, rounded the corners, and burnished the edges…all by hand. I then stamped my logo in the lower right corner and gave each desk pad a healthy dose of leather butter to condition it to perfection.


I’m calling these desk pads limited edition because I only made the four and don’t plan on making any more. Get yours now before it’s gone.


Large: 32“ x 22“
Small: 24“ x 18“