Minimalist leather front pocket wallet, Navy Blue with yellow lining

Minimalist leather front pocket wallet, Navy Blue with yellow lining

A beautiful bold minimalist leather front pocket wallet. Navy Blue Italian Graffiti leather exterior lined with yellow Wickett and Craig Harness leather. This wallet is hand stitched with blue ritza tiger thread and has edges burnished by hand to a smooth glossy shine.

This minimalist card wallet has 3 pockets, 2 for cards and 1 stash pockets in the middle for cash or whatever else you need to carry. It will fit in your front pocket or back.

4" x 3"

I made one of these for myself and love it. I can easily carry 8 cards (4 per side) and a wad of cash folded once. It is slim and fits great in any pocket. Heck, its so small that I sometimes forget its there!

About the leathers:

Navy Blue Graffiti: This vegetable tanned leather is made in Italy from MPG Industria Conciaria SRL. Its a dark nave with lighter blue marks resembling graffiti. This stunning leather will burnish and patina in your pocket becoming glossy and smooth over time. It will become a great friend on all your adventures.

Yellow Wickett and Craig Harness Leather: This strong and thin leather is made here in the United States. The yellow color is bold, however it is unglazed (no top finish) so it will darken, age, and patina over time. With age it will change to a beautiful London tan.

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